Infomed is a medicines information company specialising in the production of information databases for healthcare professionals.


At Infomed Mobile we’ve taken our extensive range of drug databases and forged them with our latest analytical software to produce the most invaluable mobile tool for Doctors, Nurses, Carers & Pharmacies.


The Assist App uses our drugs database that is compiled, verified and updated by one of our founders Peter Weedle (B.Pharm., LL.M., Ph.D., MR.Pharm.S, MPSI. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, UCC.) Our database is currently used by thousands of pharmacies and have been in use for over 20 years.  Over 100-million prescriptions have been checked and verified for interactions using our database.  They are updated regularly by our team of pharmacists to ensure that all newly introduced drugs are included as soon as possible.


Our vision is to develop a specialist mobile software solution that improves patient experience and helps support healthcare professionals who are responsible for keeping on top of continuously evolving evidence, medical developments and guidelines.